Join a Company Invested in Your Long-term Growth and Success
IMPACT’s Leadership Acceleration Program fast-tracks your career path with invaluable on-the-job experience that teaches you all the skills you need to be a high-performing leader while making meaningful contributions in a company on a mission. Earn a great salary, advance quickly, and join us in growing businesses and changing lives.

IMPACT Leadership Acceleration Program


The IMPACT Leadership Acceleration Program at a Glance

Get paid well
Great pay

Unlike similar programs where you earn the bare minimum or even have to pay to participate, IMPACT will pay you a competitive salary as soon as you start. As a participant, you will start at $55,000 and be eligible for several pay increases and promotions. Within your first year, you can expect to make between $65,000 and $85,000 depending on how fast you progress.

High Achievers
High achievers

The IMPACT Leadership Acceleration Program is perfect for high-achieving recent graduates or those looking to make a career change or re-enter the workforce. If you’re driven, obsessed with learning, want to grow fast, and not intimidated by a challenge, you've met your match.

No End Date
No end date

Our goal is to develop the next generation of great leaders here at IMPACT, so there is no set end date for the program. As we continue to grow and launch new initiatives, we’ll look to you as someone we can count on to take on a new challenge. With these opportunities comes the ability for you to change roles and explore other departments within IMPACT.

Career Opportunities
Diverse opportunities

IMPACT is a coaching and education company, and many of our career paths lead to helping other businesses and their people grow. However, the IMPACT Leadership Acceleration Program does not limit you to only working with clients. You'll also have opportunities to explore roles in marketing, sales, design, development, finance, and human resources. During the interview process, our team will work with you to identify the best team or projects for you to join based on our openings, your unique skillset, and your passions.

Full-Time Employment
Full-time employment

In this program, you'll be a full-time employee at IMPACT — not a glorified intern. You'll receive the same benefits as all other IMPACTers, including comprehensive health and dental, paid time off, the ability to contribute to a 401k, and more.

Reading Training Learning
Tons of training and learning

From day one, you’ll be given a learning path that’s proven to lead to success in leadership. Additionally, starting in your first few weeks, you’ll participate in small group training and role-plays to help you become a world-class communicator. If you love to read, learn, and challenge yourself, this is the place for you.

A little bit about IMPACT

Founded in 2009, IMPACT is a coaching and education company helping businesses get more sales from their digital marketing or inbound marketing. To do this, we help the people we serve to implement a sales and marketing framework called They Ask, You Answer. Many companies hire us directly to help them implement the framework, while others do it on their own using our online learning community. We also train other agencies and consultants on how to help their clients implement They Ask, You Answer. Based in New Haven, CT, IMPACT is a 70-person company, and about 50% of our staff is located across the US or internationally.


Not familiar with They Ask, You Answer? Start here.

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How You Can Grow at IMPACT


Hannah Woods
Meet Hannah

Class of 2016, Springfield College

Hannah joined IMPACT in October 2020 as an Account Manager. In this position, she worked to ensure the success of both our clients and internal teams in achieving They Ask, You Answer mastery. Today, Hannah is a HubSpot Trainer helping clients to hire, onboard, and develop in-house HubSpot Admins to optimize their CRM, creating a single source of truth for their business.

Will Schultz
Meet Will

Class of 2017, Carlson School of Management

After starting and selling a real estate media production company, Will joined IMPACT as our Lead Video Trainer, working to grow a video-first culture with over 50 businesses in one year. Since March 2020, Will has gone on to become a Digital Sales & Marketing Coach, where he works with leaders and clients at the highest level to strategize the execution of adopting They Ask, You Answer. He leads a team of five that work with 18 shared companies.

Connor DeLaney
Meet Connor

Class of 2019, Central Connecticut State University

Shortly after graduating from Central Connecticut State University, where he led his American Marketing Association chapter to national recognition as a Top 5 Small Chapter of the Year, Connor joined IMPACT as an entry-level Content Marketing Trainer. In this role, he helped build and implement content strategies with clients. Then, six months in, Connor had the opportunity to join IMPACT's Events Team as a Community and Events Manager, where he helped build and execute our 2020 and 2021 virtual event strategies, welcoming over 8,000 unique attendees. As he saw the community growing, Connor joined the IMPACT+ team as the Member Success Manager, where he now leads the growth of the platform and the community within it.

Kaitlyn Petro
Meet Kaitlyn

Class of 2013, Endicott College

Kaitlyn joined IMPACT in October 2013 with a hopeful goal of finding her forever career right after college. (Spoiler alert: she did!) Starting as an intern, Kaitlyn quickly learned what it took to be successful in client services, spending more than five years as an Inbound Marketing Strategist and Account Manager. Wanting to explore different areas of the business, Kaitlyn was given the opportunity to build out the client services operations department, which she led as the Director of Operations for more than two years. Today, Kaitlyn serves as the VP of Sales and Marketing, overseeing both teams and the overall alignment between them.

Katie Coelho
Meet Katie

Class of 2013, Central Connecticut State University

During her final semester at Central Connecticut State University, Katie started at IMPACT as an intern. After a few months, she officially joined the team and began working directly with clients. In 2015, she joined the Leadership Team, and after several years as an Account Manager, she became a team lead. In 2018, as IMPACT grew rapidly, Katie took a director role working with all of the client delivery teams. Today, Katie leads the entire services department as VP of Services.

Shandia Drummond
Meet Shandia

With her extensive background in corporate operations and administration, Shandia came to us in August 2017 after attending an IMPACT Live event. She started out in Sales Operations and then found her place in our finance department. Shandia has been the Accounts Receivable Manager for IMPACT for the past three years. She currently is influential in our diversity and inclusion direction here at IMPACT and is now working to improve our recruitment strategies. Additionally, Shandia is training to become a coach through IMPACT's Certified Coaching Program and will use that training to further her growth as a leader here at IMPACT.

Ramona Sukhraj
Meet Ramona

Class of 2011, UCONN School of Business

Ramona joined IMPACT in April 2013 looking for an organization that embraced the digital future of marketing after executing more traditional strategies since graduation. Starting as an intern, she quickly mastered the principles of inbound marketing and content to become an Account Manager before transitioning to own content on IMPACT’s marketing team in 2015. Over the years, she has been a staple mind and voice in many of IMPACT’s biggest projects, including THE LATEST, IMPACT Elite, IMPACT Live, and dozens of campaigns. Today, as Director of Content, she has overseen our content publication and execution, built and refined our content processes, guided our diversity, equity, and inclusion editorial efforts, and been an essential voice in our overall strategy.

Talia Mazepa
Meet Talia

Class of 2014, Les Roches Marbella

After working in client management and sales internationally for eight years, Talia joined IMPACT in January 2021 as an Account Manager. In this position, she had the opportunity to support over 32 clients through their unique They Ask, You Answer journeys. After five months, Talia joined a newly-formed squad to test out an experimental way to refine internal efficiencies, increase sales volume, and connect our clients better. The success of this squad caused the whole They Ask, You Answer Mastery program to adopt a similar approach. Filled with curiosity and embracing change, Talia is now joining the emerging Certified Coaching Program team to help with sales and account management.

Who is a Good Fit for IMPACT's Leadership Acceleration Program? 

This may be the perfect opportunity for you if:
  • You have successfully led a team, organized an event or fundraiser, been a mentor, or something similar in the past. 

  • You possess strong written and verbal communication skills.

  • You are tech-savvy and can quickly pick up how to use business applications, marketing automation tools, social media apps, etc.

  • You are hyper detail-oriented and extremely organized.

  • You love to learn and expand your skillset. In fact, if you’re not excited about reading at least two business books a month while also taking online courses, this job is not for you.

  • You are willing to learn new skills on the fly to support your team and help them get the job done.

  • You are great at receiving feedback and want to be coached.

  • You are patient and willing to put in the work.

What are my chances of being selected?

We receive hundreds of applicants each month, and we’ll only accept about 10 new hires a year. We’re looking for the most driven, self-starting, growth-minded people out there. We’re looking for those who are as passionate about helping people and businesses grow as we are. If you do receive an interview and we decide not to move forward, we will explain why and provide you with constructive and actionable advice that you can implement in your next interview.

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What to Expect

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Is this a remote role?

Currently, we’re looking for candidates within driving distance from our New Haven, CT, office, however, yes, we are open to candidates in other locations if there’s a great fit. Many IMPACTers do work from home, even if they are in the local area, spending time in the office for a few days out of the week or month.

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About The Culture at IMPACT


We learn fast, we fail fast, and we try new things. We're always in motion and always evolving.


Leadership shares everything with employees. From product roadmaps to company financials.

Lots of video

Between Zoom calls, sending personalized videos, and filming courses, you will be on-camera — a lot.

Obsessed over learning

We love to read, in fact, we'll even buy any book that will help you grow and reward you for finishing it.

We get along

We surround ourselves with top performers who all have a lot of respect and admiration for each other.

Always teaching

At the heart of everything we do is helping people succeed, both professionally and personally.

Candid and direct

There’s no sugar-coating here; we're radically candid when communicating to both our clients and teammates.

We're ambitious

We have big dreams, and sometimes, we bite off more than we can chew, but we always live in the solution.

Free to be ourselves

We want everyone to be their true, authentic self at work. Laugh, cry, share your culture. Come as you are.

How to Apply

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